Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cute pictures of Tate at the Neurologist

Tate had an appointment with his Neurologist, Dr. McGrath on Wednesday. It was a good appointment. He is now on asprin therapy and we have a few mild lifestyle changes for him, but other than that all is well! Oh, by the way...he finally weighs 20lbs!

Tate's Last Shot

Here is a picture of Tate's very last shot of blood thinner. That was a good day for mom and Tate!

Snow day...well half a day!

Well we finally had a snow day in Tuscaloosa a couple of weeks ago. I say day, but really mean half a day. Around noon, the storm had passed, the sun was shining, and everything melted. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Compose Yourself

Mayce was recently in her first play at the Sprayberry Center. The play was "Compose Yourself", a story about a group of student doing a research project on different composers from different time periods. Mayce was student #8 and she had a few speaking parts. It was a really cute play and everybody did a great job.

Mayce's Artwork

Here is some of Mayce's artwork from school at the Sprayberry Center. The first picture is a flower she painted and the second is her self portrait. There was another picture she did of a modern day Mona Lisa that was too cute, she had a purse and cell phone! Not bad for 1st grade.