Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mercedes Marathon

Today Mayce and I participated in part of the Mercedes Marathon. I did the BE 5K and Mayce did the kids marathon. It was a lot of fun. Mayce's race was not timed, so I do not know how fast she did the mile, but mine was. I did the 5K in 26.01 minutes. For females, I was 40th out of 557! I was so excited. I know you cannot see my name on the results pic, but it is on the first sheet!

Happy Valentines Day

Just a few pictures from Mayce's Valentine's Day Party at school. She had lots of fun, sweets, and valentines!

Mayce and McKay at gymnastics

Mayce and McKay are both taking gymnastics at Tumbling Tides in Tuscaloosa. They happen to also be in the same class, which is fun for me to watch. Here are a few pictures of them doing some of their skills. Mayce is in the orange suit and McKay is in the blue gym suit. Also, Mayce climbed the rope to the top for the very first time! She was so excited, but got a horrible rope burn on her foot that is still bothering her.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mayce and Tate

Cute pictures of Mayce reading a book to Tate. Who, by the way, will not sit still for me when I try to read to him. Way to go Mayce!

All Fired Up

I took the girls last Saturday to All Fired Up in Tuscaloosa to do a little pottery. The alternative was to play inside the house all day because it was freezing outside! We met up with a friend of mine and her son, Evan Perrish (mom) and River Perrish (son). Mayce decided to paint a new piggy bank, I mean frog bank and Mckay wanted to paint a magic wand. They enjoyed getting to paint and see friends.