Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mercedes Marathon

Today Mayce and I participated in part of the Mercedes Marathon. I did the BE 5K and Mayce did the kids marathon. It was a lot of fun. Mayce's race was not timed, so I do not know how fast she did the mile, but mine was. I did the 5K in 26.01 minutes. For females, I was 40th out of 557! I was so excited. I know you cannot see my name on the results pic, but it is on the first sheet!


Sherry and Damian said...

Congratulations...great time!!! The girls' gymnastics class looks like a lot of fun. How early did you start them in any activities? Vivi is 13 1/2 months right now and I have no idea what to do and when.

Perryn said...

so proud of the runners! Wish I could have been there!!