Saturday, April 14, 2012

The house and Kids

My kitchen sink

In my kitchen I wanted a large farm house (apron front sink). When looking in Tuscaloosa, I found them to be around $1000 for the one I wanted. That was definately out of my price range so I began researching online. I found the exact sink I wanted on ebay directly from the manufacturer for $300.00! Forgive me, but I do not remember the name, but this company was in California. Anyhow, ordering was simple and shipping a breeze. So pumped about the little things!

My bath

 I have always wanted a free-standing pedistal tub. When pricing at kitchen and bath show rooms in Northport and Tuscaloosa, I found them to be very expensive. I decided to research online and I found you can order straight from the manufacturer and save a ton of money! After researching for what seemed like months, I found a 72 inch acryllic pedistal tub and supplies in oil rubbed bronze from Vintage Tub and Bath ( there prices were perfect and delivery was easy. I highly recommend them!


Yes, we finally have walls in our house. The sheetrock is up, mudded, and sanded. The ceiling has been painted and Brent, the kids and I are starting to paint. Everything looks great. Brent thinks we will be closing in May, but I still think June!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few More Pictures

Moving along!

Well I haven't updated in a while simply because up until a week ago, you wouldn't have been able to see much change. The last month has been filled with people installing plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and insulation. It was hard to take many pictures because you would have been looking at nothing but wood, wires, and pipes! However, last Friday the brickers FINALLY started on the house. I went to the house today and the brick is not finished, but sheet rock was up. I was not able to take pictures of that because I had left my camera at home. Will post those pictures soon. 2 weeks ago, Brent and I went to visit our cabinet builder about all the cabinets in the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, living area, and Brents office. That was very exciting. Will definately send pictures as soon as I can. Estimated finish is June. We will see!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our sweet neighbors

(Myk, Cindy, Yeison, Esther, and Abraham)

Well apartment life has its ups and downs. He is one of our ups! Our precious hispanic neighbors. Brent and I have both said that we want to keep the relationship going once we have moved. By the spanish is slowly getting better. I can now speak on a 5 year old level (around Christmas it was 4!)

Looking good!

Well I know it has been a few weeks, but only a little has changed on the outside and inside. We now have windows and a doors as well as electrical wires on the inside and plumbing lines. Not only that, but roofers have been shingling the roof. Hopefully this coming week the brick layers will be at the house bricking. We will just have to see how the weather behaves! So far things are running smoothly and building is becoming fun because we see so many changes and we get to start picking out what we want on the inside. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will start showing pictures from the inside.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

One last picture!

The building has started!

I am so excited that we officially have walls and a roof. It has been a fast process because each day the builders work, there is something new and exciting to see. On the other hand, it has rained a lot over the last few weeks. In the meantime, I have ordered and recieved a cool farmhouse sink for the kitchen and a free-standing pedistal bathtub for my bathroom. Believe it or not, I ordered the sink off of ebay and saved a ton of money on it and I ordered the tub from Vintage Tub and Bath. I also saved a ton ordering directly from the manufacturer. We have also ordered our showers for the masterbath and the girls bathroom. We decided to go with acryllic showers because they are nice and easy to keep clean. I originally wanted a tile shower, but decised I wanted more of a lighter, clean look for the master bath.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The holidays are over and it is time to build!

So it has been a month since I have updated the blog. It looks as though not much has changed, but it has. After many days off because of the holidays and rain, the crew has finally finished all concrete and basement. Not only that, the flooring system is in and the crawlspace is framed. The crew will start framing the house on Monday. The house will finally begin to change daily and grow up. I will do my best to update weekely or a couple times during the week.