Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moving along!

Well I haven't updated in a while simply because up until a week ago, you wouldn't have been able to see much change. The last month has been filled with people installing plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and insulation. It was hard to take many pictures because you would have been looking at nothing but wood, wires, and pipes! However, last Friday the brickers FINALLY started on the house. I went to the house today and the brick is not finished, but sheet rock was up. I was not able to take pictures of that because I had left my camera at home. Will post those pictures soon. 2 weeks ago, Brent and I went to visit our cabinet builder about all the cabinets in the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, living area, and Brents office. That was very exciting. Will definately send pictures as soon as I can. Estimated finish is June. We will see!

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GG said...

Oh the brick work is beautiful and everything looks like it is going great--I can hardly wait--it just looks like such a gorgeous, homey place--I am just so very glad for ya'll--I love you GG