Sunday, February 5, 2012

The building has started!

I am so excited that we officially have walls and a roof. It has been a fast process because each day the builders work, there is something new and exciting to see. On the other hand, it has rained a lot over the last few weeks. In the meantime, I have ordered and recieved a cool farmhouse sink for the kitchen and a free-standing pedistal bathtub for my bathroom. Believe it or not, I ordered the sink off of ebay and saved a ton of money on it and I ordered the tub from Vintage Tub and Bath. I also saved a ton ordering directly from the manufacturer. We have also ordered our showers for the masterbath and the girls bathroom. We decided to go with acryllic showers because they are nice and easy to keep clean. I originally wanted a tile shower, but decised I wanted more of a lighter, clean look for the master bath.

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GG said...

thanks for sending the new pictures--I got so excited as I didn't realize it was so far along--It's beautiful--I'm so glad for ya'll and thank God he enabled you to be able to do this--love and hugs GG