Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alabama Soccer Game

Today I took Mayce and McKay to the Alabama women's soccer game. We had a lot of fun especially Mayce. She loves playing soccer and has enjoyed watching Alabama play on tv. She gets so excited. It is fun to watch. Anyhow, Mayce was one of two little girls chosen to go on the field during halftime to compete in a competition. She and the other little girl started at half field and was spun around 10 times then had to dribble the soccer ball with their feet to the goal and back to half field, was spun around again 10 times and had to kick the ball back down the field and score a goal. The first one to do that won a great prize. Mayce won!!! She ended up winning an Alabama soccer jersey with autographs from the Alabama soccer team as well as an autographed program. Needless to say that made her day.

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